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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Speaking Farsi

I wiped out my knee the night before last .. so have wrapped it in a tensor bandage both nights while I slept .. When I woke up .. both mornings.... it felt fine .. I'd smile .. and get ready for another exciting day at the office ... then I would get on the bus, carefully not running and avoiding any hint of ice. .. About half way to work my knee would be aching .. and I would favor it .. at the expense of the other knee .. a bit .. not bad ... Then this morning .. I'm almost to work ... rounding the last corner and office building in sight .. the man with the checkered flag is waiting .. I'm picking up speed for the final burst of energy to take me through the door .. 200 ft .. 150 ft .. 100 ... and I didnt see the ice across the alley entrance .. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... BANG .. down on both knees ... hard .. excruciating pain .. but did I cry .. nooooo! .. Did I yell out!!!! . nooooooo... .. did I fall on the ground and writhe .. noooooooooo. ..I maintained my dignity!.. I was tough! .. I was strong! .. I was MAN see me roar!.......besides I was on my knees and any movement at all would cause more pain....... I even managed to conjure up a smile when a building security lady walked up to me a little bit later and said ... "Sir Its probably not a good idea for you to say your prayers in the middle of the alley like that. By the way, was that strange language you were whispering.. Farsi?"


  1. Did you really fall? I hope you're okay.

  2. Ouch! I feel your pain. Where did you learn to speak Farsi? ;-)