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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I was at an office party one day .. seated besided two young bucks whose wives were both pregnant. Their conversation just was not in my general interest area so I only had one ear open (but then thats the best I can do anyway) .. 

When one asked the other one "whos your obstetrician?"  My ears perked up. There might be possiblilities of a story here. .. so the one on the other side answers "Dr. Alvin Chew" .. 

My ears perked up .. I thought "Can there be two of them in the city? .. maybe this is his son or something. 

Number  one 'father to be' answers "No kidding? We go to him too."  As if he had a part to play in this other than donor and chauffeur....  

Number two 'father to be' kicks in "Yes we researched all over the city, and in Sherwood Park and St. Albert. Apparently hes the best in Northern Alberta" .. 

Back to Number One .. "Yes my wife did the same. She feels much safer with him. Its a shame we have to go across town to the MillTown Familly Office." .. 

My jaw dropped .. so I picked it up and popped it back on its hinges. .. Then I butted into the conversation "Are you guys  talking about Dr. Alvin Chew at the Milltown Clinic?. Down by Community Centre Mall?" .." in the same office as Dr Kaziniwski?" .. " "Yup thats the one! do you know him? .. Yes my kids were yanked out by Dr Kaziniwski back before the Fall of Rome"  

..and they went back to talking about Car seats for newborns.

We all smiled at the old geezers joke.  But the real joke was on me.   I sat there and thought .. "hmmmm
next time he sticks that finger in me and tells me to cough, Im going to wonder if he's looking for my ovaries?"

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