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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Went to the chiropractor today - a facebook conversation with my ex

by Richard Wolfe on Monday, June 4, 2012 at 9:33pm ·
I have been digging in my garden for several weeks.  Lifting sidewalk blocks, digging up the hard dirt, .. bending and planting .. Some where in there I strained a muscle in my lower back just under the top of my left ass cheek. So when it took me 15 mins to get out of bed  (this is not unusual but the pain was never this bad)  .. and when I bent to pick up some food off the floor and beat the 2 second rule    well .. I would have scared a Banshee. 

so I called up the chiropractor and begged for death. 

This is a short  conversation  with my ex, who knew of my "back" pains. 

Richard Wolfe says
went to the chiropractor today
My ex:
Did he fix your ass?
Richard Wolfe says
He had me hold a broomstick handle between my feet up over my belly and against my forhead between my eyes.. then he twisted me twice around it lengthwise
and cuffed me to the examination table .. and my ankles too
then he opened the door into the office
and went to the far wall of the office
Then he turned and ran and jumped high
and did a flying elbow smash to my left ribs
.. then my right pelvis
Then  he slammed again into my thigh .. bit of a Charlie horse on that one. but I should be able to walk in a few hours. 
My ex:
totally missed your ass eh?
Richard Wolfe says
well lets say I couldnt feel that pain for 15 mins
he said he normally goes for the balls on the third slam .. but mine were somehow receeded
My ex:
scared ?
Richard Wolfe says
nawww he wasnt scared one bit
I was a bit nervous tho
specially when my right big toe got caught in my left hip pocket
My ex:
Next time pick an ass man.
Richard Wolfe says
Ya thanks for the sympathy
now quit laughing
My ex:
 I'm all sympathy.  You know that.
When your ass hurts, my ass hurts.
Richard Wolfe says
I can feel the love


  1. I am impressed you could get your feet up that high really. I think you might have done better to go to a mesuesse.(I know..can't spell lol)
    I was laughing though. Never been to a chiro...and now definitely wont go. I can just get a man to put my legs up like that and have much more fun lol. ;)

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