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Saturday, June 15, 2013

A conversation between two middle aged friends about children today

My Friend
kids are more and more needy everyday!! Arrggghhh!
ahhh I know the problem .. My daughter just buying a condo .. and I didnt know it just starts with co-signing .. then comes all the other stuff she will need help with .. awww well its what I was born for right and my son just graduated from Nursing .. honors .. looks good for him .. so move out already and my other son is graduating tomorrow at 9am .. so another 3 hour session of diploma transfers to sit through .. and gum chewing grads .. lol ahhh well Quit your bitchin' Wolfie the world is as it should be .. sort of
My Friend
lol.....yes but it feels good to bitch. Frankly, I wouldnt have it any other way. lol Its always nice to know that mom is still useful lololol. Huge congrats to your son...quite an achievement. Never seems to amaze me how you can plod along with nothing exciting going on and then all of a sudden...hell breaks loose! My youngest graduated with honors in culinary, buys his first car, insures his first car (with a great deal of researching from mom), puts car on road all within 2 days!! Really??? He couldn't wait a week or two?? Twenty years old and everything needs to be done yesterday....but heaven forbid you ask him to clean his room this week or move his laundry. Other son realized the day before his birthday that his G2 will expire if he doesnt do his road test. DDUUHHH.....luckily he passed! Other than 'driving like a grandpa' uneventful test. Whewwww. Shall I go on? Naw......enough venting for now at least. Like I said, I wouldnt have it any other way. I expect things from them in return......gotta love parent hood!!
we live in the same world .. almost exactly.. I keep telling my kids that in exchange for letting them live rent free until they are 30 .. I expect them to take over care of their mom when it’s time to retire .. that could save me a ton of money and if they don’t .. the guilt trip I’m giving them would be great revenge.
My Friend the every time!
My Friend Mine will be at my beck and call when I am too old to drive and do back for those multiple drop off/pick ups.
yes . drill it into them .. over and over and over again .. so you can sit back and cackle and say with a long pointed crooked finger .. YOU don’t really love me you ungrateful half breed son of the devil.
My Friend it covered....been practicing my cackle for some time now

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