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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Points in Time where we experience JOY

Flash points in my life where I felt joy.
1 Involking the Five Second Rule - any food dropped on the floor may be safely eaten if it is picked up within five seconds. It has been scientifically proven by the University of Illinois that if a floor is covered in Samonella or E Coli, you food will be covered in Samonella or E Coli even if it touched for a split second.. BUT that same university in Illinois study discovered that there is NO SIGNIFICANT EVIDENCE of contamination coming from floors. Most contamination comes from counter tops, stove tops and the area around sinks.
2. The final seconds of untangling a really big knot in my electrical cord or water hose. Or solving a computer problem.
3. When a waiter or waitress brings a free refill without asking first.
4. Licking the cake batter off the beaters.
5. Standing in line for an hour only to be let in and suddenly realize you have your choice of the best seats in the house.
6.Using all the different shampoos and soaps in someone else’s shower.
7. The waxy smell of new crayons!
8. Rolling an Orange round on the table then peeling the skin off in one piece. Its always extra juicy .
9. When the socks coming out of the dryer all match up.
10. Waking up. Looking over at the alarm clock and realizing you can still sleep for another hour.
11. Clean white sheets on the bed.
12. The UFSP (Universal Fry Sharing Policy). I cant eat a full order of fries but I love that I can share yours. This even beats picking the perfect nacho off of someone else’s plate.
13. Tripping and realizing no on saw me. (even better .. falling on my butt on the ice and realizing that the only pain is to my butt .. my pride is untarnished)
14. The smell of fresh bread .. only to be out done by the smell of fresh homemade cinnamon buns.
15. Pushing an elevator button only to find its already there. Ding. AWESOME.
16. Finding an old CD on which you loaded 250 of your favorite MP3’s.
17. When youre awkwardly standing by yourself with a full tray of food at a cafeteria and suddenly see a friend waving at you to come join them.
18. High-fiving a kid
19. Seeing a cop on the side of the road only to realize you’re not speeding.
20. Watching a boy (or man) ask his sister to dance. (visa versa works too.)

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